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Gardening for Health’s Lamb Garden saw its end of year final harvesting celebration on Monday. Rowan the garden tutor organised us to harvest artichokes, leeks, carrots, potatoes, garlic and herbs for the soup. Then we set to scrubbing, peeling and chopping. More chopping for the hot spiced apple juice. Rosemary bread flavoured with red bramley apple and beetroot, made that morning, fortified us all for tidying up the garden. Basil helped put up the fairy lights round the potting shed. His mother Mrs Plum raked up dead leaves with Marigold, visiting from Spain to learn about community gardens. Mr Quince and his son Willow dug up weeds from the path. Honorary Granny Sage brought grandchildren Nigella and Primrose, who dug carrots with tiny spades and played with Willow and her daughter Marjoram. Hazel the Forest School tutor played with them among the fruit bushes. Burnet photographed us when the fairy lights were switched on. Although the skies were dark, the wind blustery, and the awning was carried away we carried on till lighting up time at five o’clock."

Here is Rosemary Burn's description of the event.